A tool to teach to identify fake news on Facebook

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The social network Facebook has introduced in its platform in Spain a new tool that teaches its users to distinguish false news, consisting of a guide with ten tips such as examining the URLs of the news, review dates or contrast with In other news.

The initiative of Facebook, which has been developed by the social network itself in collaboration with the First Draft organization, can be accessed from Friday in the News Feed of Mark Zuckerberg’s platform, as revealed by the company through a statement in your official website.

When clicking on the tool, which according to Facebook will remain for a few days in Spain, the social network redirects the user to its Help Center, which is the decalogue of tips.

With this initiative, the company aims to end the economic incentives of false news, help people to find them and also create products for it.

The 10 tips

The first of Facebook’s advice is not to trust the headlines of the news, especially if they contain admirations, capital letters or report unforeseen facts.

In addition, the social network recommends checking the URLs to ensure that it is an official source.

Facebook also advises to review other aspects such as the sources and the format, and if it is a site with more credible information or if the design is strange or neglected.

Also, the photos and dates are characteristics that it is important to review, since the graphic material can be manipulated or taken out of context, as well as the chronology of the events.

The social network emphasizes the importance of maintaining a critical position before the information, in order to distinguish the news of joke and verify the facts by consulting the internal sources used to write the news, or by reviewing other articles published on the same topic.

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