Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will arrive in 2018

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Surely you remember Age of Empires, the classic and mythical game that many of us play as children and adolescents, and that others still play today.

Several versions have come out from the original Age of Empires, such as AOE II, Age of Mitology, or AOE III, however one of the most anticipated versions for years is ‘Age of Empires: Definitive Edition’, a new release that promises better graphics and adventures that never conquering civilization after civilization.

Apparently Microsoft got us too excited with trailers like this one. Everything seemed so that in this 2017 we were going to have this title released, but things are a little delayed apparently.

The original release had been announced for October 19 of this year, however one of its main programmers has announced that the game will be released only next 2018.

The worst thing is that we still do not know at what time of 2018 will be released, because the delay has not set an exact release date, leaving the AOE fans even more impatient than ever, and also full of frustration at the unexpected warning.

According to rumors, it is planned for the beginning of 2018, but without a specific launch month, although neither should be trusted.

What we do know is that this AOE Definitive Edition will have spectacular graphics in 4k, new zoom modes, as well as the possibility of playing multiplayer from Xbox.

As we know, the delay is because they want to launch 100% without errors, with nothing to polish, and taking care of the experience of gameplay to the maximum, while maintaining the classic memory of the Age of Empires we all know and remember with such nostalgia .

Microsof Game Studios has announced the extension of its BETA testing period just to make sure that when the game is released, it is a success among the gamer community.

If you do not have enough patience to wait until next year, maybe what suits you is to sign up as a beta tester to be able to access a previous version of the definitive one and thus test the game before anyone else.

To be AOE beta tester you need to have Xbox live, be of legal age and an email.

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