Best deals on iPhone and iPad for Black Friday 2017

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Despite having a week full of great discounts and offers on all types of technology products, today officially begins Black Friday 2017.

These types of offers are especially interesting in products whose usual price is relatively high, as is the case of Apple products, but during these days of Black Friday promotion, you can find interesting offers in which you save a lot of money when you buy your iPhone or iPad.

While it is possible that during these days you do not find an offer with the exact model or color you had in mind, the discounts and offers on the iPhone or iPad make it worth giving in some aspects.

At the Apple store, only during Black Friday, you can take a € 100 gift card when you buy your iPad, € 50 when you buy an iPhone and € 25 when you buy an Apple Watch.

iPhone X, the great missing of Black Friday
Buying the cheapest iPhone X on Black Friday is nowhere near impossible, as stores and operators are reserving that ace up their sleeve and have not released big discounts for the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone.

If you were hoping to save some euros on the free iPhone X on Black Friday we do not have very good news for you, as the shortage of stock is almost an achievement that stores have units, making it impossible to successfully face a great demand like the one that would suppose the iPhone X of offer in the Black Friday. In return, stores like Fnac offer € 15 off when you buy the iPhone X for members only.

But if you are totally determined to buy the iPhone X during Black Friday, your best option is to do it through an operator, because with this option you can save up to € 240 when you buy your iPhone X in Yoigo, save € 103 in Vodafone or € 139 in Orange.

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These are the best Black Friday deals for the iPhone
Where it has been noticed and much of the effects of Black Friday is in the rest of Apple’s smartphones. From the newcomers iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, to the more modest iPhone SE.

Gathering the most interesting discounts from Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Media Markt, eBay or PcComponentes, we have found some interesting discounts on the various iPhone models. The iPhone 8, although it is almost a newcomer to the stores, already has some very interesting offers like the one we found on eBay’s Black Friday in which they offer an iPhone 8 (64 GB) for 749 € ( -7%).

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For the iPhone 7 we have found the best price on Amazon and you can find the iPhone 7 (128 GB) for about € 593 in shiny black, gold and silver, while the black model is about € 598.38.

If the storage capacity is not a problem for you, you can save more by opting for this iPhone 7 (32 GB) for about 548.99 € in gold and silver finishes, while the black model can be yours for about 544.99 € approximately

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To this day, the most modest Apple smartphone is the iPhone SE. This is noticeable in its price and makes it one of the most desired for those users who do not need a high-performance smartphone, but do not want to give up the quality offered by Apple smartphones. The best offer of Black Friday for the iPhone SE has been in Amazon, where the iPhone SE is 32 GB for only € 317.

Refurbished smartphones are a good alternative to get mobile phones at a great price. Among them we highlight several options of the reconditioned iPhone 6 veteran who is benefiting from some interesting discounts on this Black Friday. Specifically we talked about the iPhone 6 (16 GB) refurbished and finished gold (299.95 €), silver (277 €) and space gray (298 €).

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Best deals and discounts for the iPad on Black Friday
Apple tablets are one of the favorite gifts for Christmas, so it is not surprising that they become one of the most coveted devices of Black Friday.

Luckily, sellers have responded to the demand with some very interesting offers in most models, although, as usual in these promotional campaigns, they may not exactly match the finish or capacity that you originally thought.

Starting with the smallest and most manageable family model, you can find the iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi (128 GB) for € 399 (17% discount) at El Corte Inglés. This supposes a considerable discount with regard to the 482.81 € that Apple fixes like official price.

With this price it is difficult to resist the temptation to have in hand one of the great best-selling Apple that, due to its small size, weight and great power, has become one of the best products considered by Apple tablet users.

iPad 9.7 (2017), analysis and opinion

But without doubt, the big star of Apple for this Black Friday is the iPad 9.7 “(2017) for which you can find a variety of models and different finishes.

On eBay you have the iPad 9.7 “of 2017 Wi-Fi (32 GB) for € 279.99, in gold, finished in Space Gray and in silver at the same price, while if you prefer to go more storage, you can choose this iPad 9.7 “of 2017 Wi-Fi (128 GB) in space gray for € 379.99, which represents a saving of 17% compared to its previous initial price.

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We remind you that this new iPad edition of 2017 includes the Apple A9 chipset and has a retina display with a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels.

If you have not found an offer that fits 100% of what you were looking for, do not lose hope because during the weekend new offers and discounts may arise, and it should not be forgotten that CiberMonday is also celebrated on Monday.

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