Commodore 64 follows the course of Nintendo SNES and Ataribox with its C64 Mini

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First was Nintendo, who knew how to conquer the hearts of adults and children with the re-launch of its famous SNES console, but in modern and mini version, better known as SNES Mini, with which it is having more success than ever.

Then it was Atari, resurrecting the legendary video game console with a re-release called Ataribox. And now we find that the famous and acclaimed Commodore 64 is also following in their footsteps, this time preparing the great launch of the Commodore 64 Mini, also called the C64 Mini.

A wise move on the part of the people of Commodore 64, since nowadays is when it is becoming more popular to play games earlier, simpler, without so much 3D graphic but keeping hours stuck in front of the screen, like when we were children .

The new C64 MINI console

The re release of one of the most popular consoles of all time does not come alone, as it includes 64 of its most classic games such as: Monty Mole, Nobby the Aardvark, Nebulus, Hawkeye, Firelord, Impossible Mission, among many others.

As a novelty, it includes 2 USB ports and HDMI output to connect it easily in any modern device such as TV screen or monitor. We can also connect a keyboard and a joystick like the one we see in the video below.

Commodore 64 was a classic around the time of 1982 when it was released, and this remake is almost identical, only it is almost half the size of the original, making it ultra portable and easy to take from one place to another.

At the software level it includes a Basic v.20 operating system, where if we have programming skills, we can use it to program our own applications and games directly on the disk.
Having an HDMI connector allows us to transmit information to view games on giant screens like any HDTV or CRT monitor.

The manufacture of the new console C64 Mini will be in charge of the company Retro Games Ltd, the price of the console will be around 70 dollars and will be able to be bought from principles of 2018. We will be attentive to know the exact date in some months.

Meanwhile, you can visit the official website of the C64 Mini and learn more about the project.

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