Facebook announces its version of Messenger for children

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At the moment, it is only available in the US, but its goal is to create a safe environment for children and guarded by parents

Facebook social network announced today in a release the release of a version for children of Messenger instant messaging service. “Messenger Kids” will work in the same way as the usual application, although users can only send GIFs appropriate for their age and they will operate within an ad-free environment and with an account previously installed by parents.

In that sense, parents can add or remove contacts from the child’s account. The fact that Facebook will not play ads in “Messenger Kids” will mean that it will only collect information from those users.

It will only show previous messages of each conversation and will place the users with the most relationship at the top of the contact list.

The company also explained that it has paid special attention to installing special tools dedicated to the detection of abusive content on that platform. In addition, unlike what happens with the traditional version of Facebook, children under 13 will not have associated accounts to the application.

The current company policy of the company does not allow accounts for minors of that age.

The decision of the company to create this version of Messenger is due to the volume of children who use tablets and smartphones today. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of children between 6 and 12 have access to tablets and smartphones, according to figures from the Dubit consultancy.

In our research, there is always an issue that comes up: parents want to know they are in control. They want a certain level of control over their children’s digital world that is similar to the level they have in the real world, “said Antigone Davis, director of global security at Facebook.” And just like they say ‘lights out’ at night, too they mean ‘dull phones’, “I added.

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