Four free applications to save data on your cell phone

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There are many hours spent using the internet on the cell phone and many times the data plans are sold out sooner than expected.
There are several free applications in the market designed to control spending and make more efficient use of data.
Next, we tell you how some work.
1. Datally
Google just launched this app that serves for Android phones and works by doing an analysis by hour, day, week or month of the data consumed.
The user receives recommendations with different options to save but, in addition, it also makes it possible to activate an option called “control your data”.
It is a system that blocks applications that are in the background (those that spend data, but are not being actively used) and allows an app to be disabled if they are using too much data.
It also informs you if there are Wi-Fi networks near where you are and counts the data you spend in real time.
According to Google, this service allows each user to save up to 30% of the data they use.
“By tracking the use of mobile data in the apps, you will save more data and take more advantage of your phone,” the company says in its blog.
2. My Data Manager
One of the most popular applications for saving data -and better valued- in the online stores of Apple and Google -with more than 12 million downloads- is My Data Manager.
It is free – although it also has a paid version – and allows you to configure the user’s data plan in detail, monitoring the use of data in 3G / 4G networks, WiFi and roaming (roaming for the use of foreign companies).
It allows temporarily disable those applications that consume more data and set alarms to warn when the limit is being exceeded.
3. 3G Watchdog
This application developed in the United States already has time in the market (since 2011) and is one of the most successful Serves only for Android phones and has a free version and another “Pro” (for a fee).
It not only analyzes 3G mobile data, but also 4G, 2G. Edge and GPRS.
It offers reports, graphs and tables that explain the consumption of your rate and proposes which applications you should open only with WiFi and not with 3G or other networks.
It also has features that explain the billing rules, the consumption history and the expenditure per application.
4. Smartapp
For those who use Apple devices, Smartapp can be an interesting alternative to 3G Watchdog. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod using at least iOS 8.0.
It is an application that establishes weekly notices, configured according to the user’s preferences, creating graphs that show the trend of expenses in different colors.
You can also set an alarm when you are skimming the limit of your rate and see the information on the data spent in a widget (small files on the screen) or receive notifications in Apple Watch.
Works for 3G and 4G networks

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