From the iPhone X to the Galaxy Note 8: the best «smartphones» of 2017

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Trends left by the year


The mobile phone market is totally tight. This 2017 has left several clear trends in this field. After its first year, the double camera in mobile phones has become a standard to be pursued by the industry. With evident differences in the configurations of each model and brand, the truth is that this concept of mobile photography has established itself as synonymous with good image quality. To do this, it is proposed to play with depth of field.

Thus, while companies such as Apple are betting to include a mini telephoto lens and a wide-angle camera, LG has continued with its own idea, a wide-angle and a “normal” camera, while other brands such as Google have passed by and have followed with a single lens as in the case of the Pixel 2 XL that, despite having only one camera, has been targeted as one of the best mobiles in the field of photography.

Another idea that has been extended this year and driven by manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung or LG, and continued by Apple and Google itself, is the effort to reduce the frames of the mobile screen to the minimum expression. What is intended is to cover up to where a part of the terminal is reached. This gains space and reduces the dimensions of the device. A formula aimed at gaining visibility in the consumption of multimedia content.

The fingerprint recognition system has definitely settled this year. All high-end terminals include it as a method of unlocking the screen and authentication of mobile payments, but Apple, with the iPhone X, wanted to abandon it and bet on another biometric solution, Face ID. This system of facial recognition has been the talk of the technology sector, although as it is obvious is unknown the impact it will have on the industry and if it will spread among other brands, something that has not achieved its decision to eliminate the plug “mini jack” for the headphones in favor of a life without wires.

In any case, both Apple and Samsung have once again led the sales of «smartphones», although they have seen the ears of the wolf with the surprising growth of Huawei, third in discord. The latest sales reports also place the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which a month ago officially landed in Spain, as the fourth largest seller. Along the way it has moved to HTC or LG that in other times had a significant market share.

The Chinese hegemony, driven by other firms such as Vivo or Oppo, has also allowed to capitalize on global sales. What has also been detected this season is the considerable increase in the price of terminals, where, again Apple and Samsung have wanted to break the psychological barrier of one thousand euros for the first time, generating almost another new category, the super range high, which seems to stay permanently in the market.

2. iPhone X

Watch in the video the product analysis – VIDEO: J.M.SANCHEZ Y R.M.BELTRÁN
This has been, without a doubt, one of the most representative mobile phones of the year. As an argument, its tremendous processing power, a considerable photographic section and a groundbreaking design with its predecessors that have placed him, again, on the plane of the avant-garde. It is true that other rival firms have moved ahead of their design almost without frames, but the iPhone X has gained in personality. It has strength even its questioned “notch”, the “eyebrow” that supports the eight sensors and front camera.

The incorporation of Face ID as a method to unlock the terminal and make purchases has surprised by its speed or comfort, although its security has been somewhat controversial, where it has been demonstrated that it is possible to skip it. Fortunately, this action is possible through the creation of ultra real masks that are not exactly cheap. But in the experience it works very well, it is fast and it is “learning” from the facial features and angles, although in some situations like when the device is placed on the table in horizontal position the fingerprint makes more sense. In general, it works perfectly in most situations.

The device, in general, has fulfilled. Although it manages something below the night images compared to other competing mobiles, the behavior of its double camera (optically stabilized in both lenses) of 12 megapixels each one has earned to be among the best of the year. The American firm has once again bet on the applauded “bokeh” effect in its portrait mode, which allows playing with the planes of the image by blurring the background so that the subject is highlighted. A formula already used by many phones on the market and that, in the case of Google Pixel 2 XL has managed to manage it brilliantly well and that only has a single lens.

Apple decided this season for the “organic” panels

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