From the Snapchat glasses to the Mac’s failures: the most famous technological fiascos in 2017

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The Spectacles glasses (and all Snapchat)

Snap, the North American multinational that owns the popular Snapchat ephemeral messaging application, has been the only company that has made Facebook nervous in recent years. His proposal of messages that disappear after a while, his commitment to augmented reality masks and a series of innovative functions soon gained popularity among users, especially among the American public. In order not to lose the train of success, the firm rushed to go public in March to make profitable the project started in 2011 with a valuation of 20,000 million dollars.

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, saw for a moment the ears of the wolf, but knew how to react in time, although in a questionable way; copying without regret the most personal and charismatic functions of the “app” of the yellow ghost. Moreover, not only has copied but has been extended to all its services, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Despite the decision, certainly controversial for what it represents, the signature of Mark Zuckerberg has emerged victorious in this battle.

Soon he found an alternative Snap to distance himself; In its stock market report it is not defined as a technological company but as an image. Hence, to reinforce this vision, it will launch a device, Spectacles, which had a great impact on the internet and social networks. But as of “hype” you can not live forever, these glasses, turned into one of the most desired objects of the year, were losing interest.

Launched officially at the end of last year, the glasses allow, thanks to a camera built into its mount, to record video sequences of up to 10 seconds in length or take pictures in a circular view and, of course, share them on your profile. For this, they come equipped with a Bluetooth connection to pair wirelessly with a smart mobile phone. Snapchat’s first hardware product was distributed thanks to a series of itinerant vending machines, arriving in Spain for the first time last June. And being Barcelona the chosen city.

Its price, of 129 euros, was a controversial aspect. In the end, the result was lower than expected: less than 1% of Snapchat users acquired the Spectacles, according to “The Information”. Absolute failure, especially since thousands of glasses were left sleeping in the company’s warehouses willing to put themselves in someone’s face. The company, in addition, has had to deal with another problem, the dirty rags that have tarnished the management. From cases of alleged blackmail to NGOs, controversial statements by its founder Evan Spiegel (“I do not want Snapchat in poor countries like Spain”) and reports with false statistics.

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