Gipuzkoa, a pioneer in 3D road scanning

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The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa will be the first state administration to scan the 1,800 kilometers of the road network in “topographic quality” in three dimensions. This “will facilitate the automation of road safety inspection processes, the authorization of works or the diagnosis of accidents”, as explained by the deputy of Road Infrastructures, Aintzane Oiarbide. The bidding budget for the project is 364,149 euros and has a one-year execution period.
According to the deputy, this system is based on the installation of sensors synchronized in a vehicle to provide georeferenced positioning almost continuous and automatic, in three dimensions. In this way, in addition to the horizontal signs of the road, information will also be available on all vertical signs, such as traffic signals or lampposts.
Oiarbide pointed out that the Provincial Council made the last video-inventory of the regional road network in 2004, for which reason it has considered necessary to carry out a new one that will also be “more complete and detailed” thanks to the MMS technology.
Regarding its application, he stressed that it will be “professional” for use by the regional Department of Road Infrastructure, but also by the Department of Security. In addition, it will offer information that “will help a lot in traffic management”, as well as to see “the state in which the roads are located” and will also provide “information on accidents” in the provincial roads.
On the other hand, it has indicated that it has been approved to tender a new contract to undertake maintenance, rehabilitation and reinforcement of the more than one thousand structures of the Gipuzkoa road network in order to “delay or avoid the appearance of problems that they would have a more complicated resolution and a much higher economic amount “. The contract will have a term of two years and a budget of 1.2 million.
Oiarbide has taken the opportunity to offer more information about the two new megatrucks that will pass through the Guipuzcoan roads this month. As he recalled, the first, which transports a transformer from Trapagaran to Hernani, will arrive in Gipuzkoa by the N-1 between this Wednesday and Thursday (November 8 and 9, 2017). Between the 13th and 14th of this month will happen another one of return, with another transformer.
Both trips will be made at night for “the lowest incidence in traffic”, since you have to make cuts in the roads through which they run due to their size and weight.

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