Google and Facebook introduce indicators to identify quality news

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The companies Google and Facebook have announced this Thursday the implementation of a truth indicator for newspaper articles disseminated through their respective platforms.

This service has been developed by the Trust Project international consortium, and offers the user information regarding the environment responsible for the published content.
Through a statement, Facebook has explained that this indicator of accuracy extends the data offered by the social network through the button introduced last October that provides context information on news from its News Feed.

Trust Project
The Trust Project has published eight indicators of truth that can be contributed by the newsrooms. The list consists of ‘Best practices’, ‘Author experience’, ‘Type of work’, ‘Quotations and references’, ‘Methods’, ‘Local location’, ‘Miscellaneous voices’ and ‘Processable feedback’, Google detailed in another statement.

Facebook will test this new service with a small group of media, with the aim of expanding its number in the coming months. Google has specified that among the participating heads include the BBC, dpa, The Economist, The Globe and Mail, Hearst Television, Mic, La Repubblica, La Stampa, The Washington Post and The New York Times, among others.

The Trust Project consortium, which is located at the University of Santa Clara (United States), has been co-founded by Google and has worked with more than 75 news companies around the world to develop indicators “that help people distinguish the difference between quality journalism and promotional content or misinformation, “explained Google.

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