Honor V10, a surprise with artificial intelligence to fight the iPhone X

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Similar benefits, but at half price. That is, today, the philosophy behind the launch of the new Honor View10, a terminal that inherits most of the features of the recently introduced Huawei Mate 10, artificial intelligence included, but that is available to consumers with a price much more reduced.

It is not the first time that the second Huawei brand does something similar, and the reason is that both terminals, Mate 10 and V10, are intended for different audiences. The differences must be sought in the details, in the materials, on the screen and in the fact that the double camera is not, as in the case of Mate 10, certified by Leica. Honor, in fact, has always been characterized by seeking a younger and more casual public.

George Zhao, president of Honor, recalled in London that since the range was presented two years ago, it has already become an international reference. In fact, its terminals are number one in China, but also in countries such as Finland or Russia, where it occupies the third place. The various Honor families (X, N and View) have garnered awards and recognitions around the world. Without going any further, the previous Honor 9 has been considered as the best smartphone on the planet for less than 400 euros.

Now, with its launch today, it is the first time that a model of the View series of Honor is sold outside of China.

“Our intention,” Zhao said, “is to be in the top five in the world in the next three years, and in the top 3 in the next five.” To demonstrate the trend, the president of Honor explained that sales outside China, which today represent 15% of the total, will grow to 50% in 2020 and up to 60% in 2022.

CPU, GPU and … NPU

The new «toy» of Honor mounts, for example, the last processor manufactured by Huawei, the Kirin 970, with its eight cores and the first one that, in addition to a CPU and a graphics processor (GPU) also includes a Neuronal Processing Unit (NPU) Or, put another way, artificial intelligence. The Chinese firm, as we saw in the Mate 10, which carries the same processor, uses its new capabilities to improve the performance of the terminal and, above all, the photographic features.

Of course, we are also faced with an “all-screen” phone, although in Honor they have managed to keep the fingerprint sensor in the front, embedded in the Crystal. With a diagonal of 5.9 inches in 18: 9 format and only 6.97 mm. thick the device fits perfectly in one hand. The resolution, Full HD +, is 2160 by 1080 pixels. The 2.5 D screen is slightly curved at the edges.

The processor is accompanied by a 6 GB RAM and a storage memory of 128 GB. The battery, of 3,750 milli amperes, has the Super Charge fast charging system, which allows, in just thirty minutes, to charge 50% of the battery and, therefore, add a full day of use of the terminal.

As for the cameras, Honor’s new phone has a double rear lens, with a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor and a 16-megapixel color sensor. The openings are, respectively, f / 2.0 and f / 1.8. The front camera is 13 megapixels. Thanks to its artificial intelligence chip, the camera can process up to 33 images per second and is able to recognize, just activate, if what is in front is a human face, a dog, a cat, food, a landscape … and automatically configure all parameters without the user having to do anything.

Similarly, the AI ​​gives the terminal a “motion detector” that allows it to shoot at the precise moment in an action scene. Other forms have similar sensors, but according to Honor the difference that marks the use of Artificial Intelligence is enormous in this aspect.

Honor has used the processor’s AI to also implement a facial recognition system reminiscent, and much, to the recently presented by Apple in its new iPhone X. To ensure its perfect operation, the facial scanner takes as reference 300,000 different points of the face of the user, a “map” of the face that makes the mobile recognize us even if we change our appearance. Does it sound?

The terminal includes the proprietary software layer of Huawei EMUI 8, which also takes advantage of the “intelligence” of the processor to optimize performance, battery life and performance based on the use patterns of the owner of the device.

Of course, as always, if we add these benefits to the sale price, this terminal becomes really attractive. In fact, with its AI chip, its 6GB of Ram and its 128GB of storage, the new V10 costs 499 euros.

Honor 7X, an all screen for 300 euros

Honor also presented its new 7X, which introduces the screen without borders for the first time in this category of terminals, in the same way that the 6X introduced last year the

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