How to take advantage of “Sets”, the new feature that will radically change the design of Windows 10

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Since its launch, Windows 10 came loaded with failures that gave much to talk about: blue screens, performance failures, unusable cameras and connection problems were some of the most commented by users around the world.

Many refused to download it on their devices. In fact, last month Microsoft came to launch an ultimatum to its customers to install their new software before the end of the year.

But the company of Bill Gates announced on Tuesday in a corporate video that has already gotten to work to develop a new function with which he hopes to attract good reviews.

This is sets (sets), a new function that completely changes the user experience.

The key is that it allows you to open each program or application – Photoshop, Chrome or PowerPoint, for example – in a new tab, in a similar way to how web browsers work.

In this way, we can group them according to their function and usefulness and at the same time manage tasks and jobs more easily.

“There are many options for Sets in the work and academic environment,” the company says in its explanatory video, in which she gave an example of a student doing work on volcanoes.

“The concept behind this experience is to ensure that everything related to your task: relevant web pages, research documents, files and necessary applications, is connected and available in a single click.”

The company says that the most important value that Sets offers is time saving.

To access another tab, you will only have to use the “+” symbol, located in the tab bar.

The idea is to have at hand all the programs that we use in Windows and at the same time the pages that we open on the Internet. The configuration of the tabs is saved for the next session.

“We are building new ways to help people create more quickly, easily and smoothly,” says the technology firm.

The update will not come installed by default in the equipment; it will be necessary to configure it specifically and it will be an “optional” function.

At first, it will only work with Microsoft’s own applications, such as Office or Edge, although the company will later work with other developers, such as Adobe or Salesforce, to make it compatible with other programs.

In some technological blogs they say that it is a major change in Windows design, because for years users of that operating system have been accustomed to working with different windows -and not tabs- per program.

In PC World they say that Sets will “change Windows 10 forever”, and in CNET it reads that “Microsoft is taking an interesting step”.

Microsoft did not specify from what date the changes will be available for all users, but said it has already begun using them in its test program, Windows Insider.

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