How to take advantage of the Black Friday offers?

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Black Friday is recognized by the people as it is the day that the Americans attacked the stores with the intention of taking advantage of the great discounts they offer, in which it is common for people to crowd the outskirts of the store and I entered desperate to to be able to stay with the best articles.

Although for many years this day was foreign for Colombians, brands in the country have wanted to take advantage of it and have found in electronic commerce the indicated way to present their best offers before Christmas.

With a promise of discounts of up to 70%, national stores expect that consumers are encouraged to participate in this day and buy their Christmas gifts with the low prices offered on different websites.

For those who want to buy in stores internationally there is also this possibility. You can pay with your credit card and receive the items through the different international locker services that are available in the country.

Semana presents you with several recommendations from Juan Manuel Méndez, digital market manager of, so you can get the most out of discounts and do it safely, which is one of the main fears that people have at the time of Buy on this date.

1- Take advantage of the start of the day

Although the date is called Black Friday, there are already offers available and most sites will activate their promotions from 10:00 p.m. Thursday, the best time to buy because the most coveted items are available.

2- Having electronic means of payment enabled

To be able to pay for online purchases, it is necessary to enable the electronic payment systems with the bank. To do so, you just have to call and follow the instructions when you ask for the letter to avoid possible fraud.

Banks have several types of verification, which avoids problems of this type.

3- Make a budget

Many times the offers are so good that there are many items that you want to buy and the shopping cart reaches a value that can put your finances at risk. This is why it is important to know how much you are going to spend and choose the products according to the money you had already planned to use.

4- Use a secure network

If you are going to buy online it is very important that you do it from a secure network and not a public Wi-Fi connection because third parties can access and keep your data.

It is very important to have a secure computer that does not have a virus in your system. It is important to do a check to make sure there are no corrupt files that could affect your purchases.

6- Read the fine print

Do not forget to read all the contracts to avoid headaches later. It is important to be clear about the delivery times and the form of payment that can change from one store to another.

7- Check several sites

Many times you find a very good offer but do not rush and it is better to make sure you can find this same item at a lower price on another page before buying it.

8 – Caution if it’s too good to be true

Do not believe in too attractive offers, that is, if a product usually has a commercial value of 1,000 dollars, it is impossible to end up costing 100 dollars.

9 – Validate the browser

When you click on the offer you must validate in the browser (the top where the address is written) that https appears. The s is very important because it means that it is in a safe place.

10 – Be careful with the referred links

After entering it is better to reopen another browser and enter directly on the website where the offer appears. That is, if you want to buy something on Amazon, instead of entering through the “referido” link, it is safest to go directly to Amazon and there enter all your data and your credit cards.

11 – Do not forget the VAT

At the time of buying out of the country the articles of more than 200 dollars pay VAT when they enter Colombia. Keep this in mind when calculating the price in Colombian pesos.

12 – Check the shipping times

Whether you are in the country or in the country, it is important to consider the time it may take to receive your product. Many times you can pay for more expensive shipments so that it arrives more quickly.

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