«Messenger Kids», the version for minors of the Facebook chat

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On Monday, Messenger Kids, the version destined to minors of its «Facebook Instant Messenger» tool, has been released in the United States, as announced by the company led by Mark Zuckerberg in a press release. With the options of «video chat and messages», the children will be able to put in contact with relatives and friends of their list of contacts, that previously must be validated by their parents.

In this version, “there is no advertising, there are no integrated purchases,” said Facebook, which accompanies this launch with a series of tips and precautions regarding the safety of children and the protection of their privacy.

“We want to make sure that the uses of our children’s technology are positive, safe and appropriate for their age,” the company said, making it clear that the application complies with the regulations protecting children on the Internet.

Only available for Apple in the US

At the moment «Messenger Kids» is only available on devices with the Apple brand in the United States, through the online application stores, they have detailed from Facebook.

Specifically, once the application is downloaded, parents create a “Messenger Kids” account for their children, through their own Facebook account, with which they will allow (or not) the contacts that appear in the profile list. of the minors.

Criticisms for technology aimed at minors

In early October, the toy maker Mattel resigned from the sale of a connected loudspeaker for children as a result of the multiple criticism of associations and US parliamentarians.

Weeks later, a group of American associations criticized smartwatches targeting children, claiming that they could make them vulnerable to hackers or criminals.

In Germany, the doll connected «My friend Cayla» was banned for sale in February. The authorities estimated that this toy could spy on children.

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