Microsoft plans to remodel, expand its headquarters in Redmond

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Seattle.- Microsoft will completely remodel its headquarters and build an 18-story building there to accommodate 8,000 more workers.

The announcement occurred on Wednesday before the company’s annual shareholders meeting. Microsoft’s plans to expand its headquarters since 1986 in Redmond, Washington, contrasts with plans to expand Amazon offices, based in Seattle.

Amazon has been looking for another city to build a second seat of similar size to its downtown Seattle. Microsoft Corp. currently employs some 47,000 people in 125 facilities in the Puget Sound region of Washington.

He says that his project will include remodeling and new construction and will last five to seven years. Microsoft declined to say how much would be the cost of its expansion and remodeling plans. He just said it would be a multi-million dollar project.

The Seattle Times reports that the company expanded its headquarters for the last time in 2006, shortly after it signed a 20-year contract with the city of Redmond that allowed it to expand its headquarters by 2.2 million square feet.

The project will cover that additional space. It would also include 150 million dollars in transportation improvements and public amenities.

“For us, it is not only the possibility of growing, but of being able to take our campus to the future,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith.

The company was already remodeling some facilities at its headquarters to add open work spaces, meeting places and small conference rooms, similar to the current trend in many technology companies.

Microsoft has stiff competition to hire workers and retain employees because it competes not only with Amazon, Facebook and Google but also with countless emerging technology companies that abound in the Seattle area.

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