Nintendo announces that it exceeded 2 million Snes Classic sold

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Some time ago we told you about the re-launch of Nintento Classic Edition, and more than one, including ourselves, we did not know for sure if it would be a resounding success, or a catastrophic failure to resuscitate a console as old as the SNES.

And the truth has recently come to light, from Nintendo we receive news that the re-launch was a total success. Nintendo has announced that the SNES Mini (also known as SNES Classic) already reported about 2 million sales since its announcement and subsequent sale to users around the world.

The original price of the Snes Classic was $ 80 USD, however, since the SNES fans took all the units that were for sale on the Internet, as well as in physical places such as super markets and stores in general.

The success has been such that financial managers of Nintendo have announced that sales have even surpassed the now famous Nintendo Switch.

But that’s not all, also during the month of last September exceeded the sales of other big and fierce competitors such as the PS4 or Microsoft Xbox One.

The next strategic move of Nintendo will be in 2018 with a rumored Nintendo 64 Classic, undoubtedly one of its greatest successes in history. We will wait for that launch in 2018 with much desire.

How about you? Have you already purchased the Nintendo SNES Classic, or will you wait for the Nintendo 64 Classic?

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