Panasonic EZ950, analysis: the best calibrated OLED does not have to be the most expensive

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Panasonic is a Japanese company with many years behind them in the television sector. Times are changing and knowing how to adapt to what the consumer demands is the key to continue up. Now the trend is to bet on smart TV with 4K HDR resolution and to be able to be with OLED technology. The Panasonic EZ950 is a premium high-end television that meets all these characteristics and also boasts an image quality at the height of the best filmmakers.

During these weeks we have tested the EZ950, the OLED with which Panasonic aims to convince those looking for a 55 or 65 inch TV of the highest quality. The fight in the high range of televisions is torn between using OLED panels of LG Display, continue to offer LED screens with backlighting or bet on own solutions as does Samsung and its QLED. Among these options Panasonic has decided to rely on the OLED, a technology that is falling in price by leaps and bounds and is gradually solving their problems.

If you want to know what a TV of this type offers, here we leave you our analysis of the Panasonic EZ950, a model that by the end of the year will be the protagonist of many offers.

The EZ950 is an OLED 4K Ultra HD certified by THX, with compatibility with HDR 10 and Studio Color HCX2 processor to offer maximum clarity, contrast and color. In Spain is its most advanced model in 55 “, although in larger sizes there is the Panasonic EZ1000 whose features are similar but incorporates a black filter, more premium design and more advanced sound hand Technics.

The model of 55 inches of the Panasonic EZ950 has a price of 2499 euros whereas in 65 inches it is for 4999 euros. In this price range we have alternatives from virtually all manufacturers. LG is the company that most bets on the OLED and the rival would be the B7 or C7, with slightly more aggressive prices or if we want a more surprising design we have the Sony OLED A1.

Although OLEDs will continue to be only for premium pockets a few more years, the competition has narrowed a lot and we already anticipate that Panasonic with this OLED EZ950 has a level product to try to make a dent in our rooms, as long as we fit and can afford its price.


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