“People want to take care of themselves, interact and consume differently”

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Ecovamos is an online Spanish platform in which users can find and share leisure plans and healthy experiences. The initiative is driven by María José Fuertes (CEO), María Hidalgo (responsible for communication), and Marta Saavedra (responsible for database).

For them it is essential that, when creating a project, the values ​​of responsibility, commitment, transparency and trust are strengthened. “It is also important to be working for a common goal that contributes to a social good beyond the personal scope of each,” they confess. To which they add: “This common goal makes our union stronger, we know that if one fails, it affects us all, it is a balance where each one contributes with the best of himself”.

The idea started as a personal blog for María José Fuertes in September 2011, then joined by Marta Saavedra during the crowdfunding campaign in 2013 in Goteo and later at the end of that same year, María Hidalgo. The germ was a personal journey of María José, during which she wanted to discover and learn new ways of life that are respectful of people, animals and the planet. He visited different places, events and communities that was reflected in Ecovamos. The blog became a social company that won the First Prize Operation Emprende 2014 in Valencia.

We are on dates characterized by an exacerbated consumption, what is your proposal to be done with conscience?

We have made a selection of ethical brands that offer beautiful, quality, sustainable and healthy products. We have all put them together in our Gift Guide Ecovamos for a Conscious Christmas.

You launched your first Gift Guide for a conscious Christmas in 2013. How have you evolved since then?

The first guide was a list of links that we collected on a personal level and that we made public to share with our community. There was not a design or technology behind. Now it is a guide made by a professional team oriented to facilitate the user experience and the visibility of the brands.

How has your audience done it? Is it the same as usual?

Yes, the Ecovamos community has evolved at par. We do not do the same as in 2013 but we realize that we have grown together, we also notice that the public is much wider, there are far fewer borders and labels. We notice that people want to take care of themselves, relate and consume differently.

What criteria do you use to highlight some products or others in the guide?

First we make a first quality filter. The guide only shows brands that we trust, either because we know them from events and fairs in the sector, or because we have references to them, or because we visit their website, we write to them and we talk to them.

From there we offer to be free or with payment plans to stand out in the different categories.

Of the categories that you have, which are the most popular?

The most popular are Casa y Vida Sana, Food and Restaurants, and Fashion and Natural Cosmetics. The latter has grown a lot in recent years.

How is your daily activity outside of these dates?

We focus a lot on listening to the community, attending events directly with us and getting to know the people behind the different brands, stores, activities, accommodations and restaurants on the web. At Ecovamos we are very focused on the strength of the community.

You encourage sustainable, ethical, ecological companies … How does this apply to your own company?

We are committed to the principles of the Economy of the Common Good and of associations such as BLab and Sannas. In our own pact of partners is the manifesto of values ​​Ecovamos as an essential part of our identity.

We observe the impact of our actions on all the agents of the chain whether they are customers, suppliers, users or equipment, we are people working with and for people living on the same planet, everything we do interacts with the rest.

What do you think are the main barriers for citizens not choosing this type of consumption?

A combination of price and lack of time. Through consumer groups and with time for a good organization it is possible to buy an ecological and healthy basket for the same price as the conventional one. The difficulty comes if you have a tight budget and you do not have time, that is why we focus a lot on making all the guides very practical and on promoting the community’s valuations, to facilitate a quality purchase and make this type of consumption accessible. and become commonplace in your day to day.

How are the principles of the Ecovamos community established?

Through our own experiences, with each experience we are learning and evolving, on our website in the section About us you can see

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