Samsung’s new generation of processors is coming, based on 10LPP technology

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Samsung has begun the production of its new mobile processors, based on 10LPP technology (Low Power Plus), the second generation of its 10-nanometer FinFET process, which will be present in brand devices that will be launched in 2018. This technology had It was previously confirmed by the company as the basis of its upcoming Exynos 9810 mobile chip.

Through a statement, Samsung announced today that its foundry business has begun the “mass production” of processors SoC (System-on-Chip), built with the second generation of its 10-nanometer FinFET processing technology, baptized like 10LPP.

This technology guarantees, according to the South Korean company, a performance “up to 10% higher” and a “15% lower” energy consumption compared to the one that incorporated the first generation of these processors, the 10LPE (Low Power Early) . Thanks to the fact that the new processing technology is based on its predecessor, “competitive advantages” are guaranteed, such as the streamlining of the chip development and production process, Samsung said.

The technology has advanced that processors designed with 10LPP will be used in “digital devices” whose launch is scheduled for “early next year.” As previously confirmed, its Exynos 9810 mobile chips, which will be unveiled in January at the CES congress in Las Vegas (United States), are built with the second generation of 10-nanometer processing technology.

The Vice President of Marketing of Foundry of Samsung Electronics, Ryan Lee, has assured that the company will offer “a better service” to its users thanks to the migration of 10LPE to 10LPP, “with an improved performance”. The Asian company plans to continue working on the evolution of its 10-nanometer technology “up to 8LPP”, to offer competitive advantages “for a wide range of applications”, added Lee.


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