StarCraft Remastered confirms its launch for August 14

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Starcraft Remastered returns to bring you the best epic strategy battles

Save the date as the Americans say, next August 14th will be the official launch of the legendary real-time strategy game, the new version will arrive and it will be at a very cheap price, for only $ 15 dollars.


Blizzard wants to reward the fans of the game, and what better way to do it than by granting several privileges for making an advance purchase.

The benefits include access to the Char hive, the Korhal command center and the Aiur nexus. But you can also get three new portraits of the remastering, as well as having the commander Alexei Stukov to carry out cooperative missions.

This remastering includes the expansion ‘Brood War’ along with the original content of the game, there will also be new visual aspects and will be 100% compatible with UHD 4k screen resolutions.

With the press of a button you can return to the classic graphics of the game, in order to compare them with the new and improved of this delivery, you can choose the visual mode that you like.

You can also have custom statistics of your game that will be saved in the Blizzard cloud so you never lose them.

Do you sign up to buy the new remastered version of this classic? It is missing less and less so that you can return to playing strategy battles in real time as you did years ago.

Do you like the Blizzard classics and other videogame companies to revive or do you think that each game had its time and you have to go for new titles? Tell us about your experience returning to play classic games from years ago.

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