The crime that Chinese social networks have already judged

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The trial for the tragic death of Jiang Ge, a Chinese student murdered in Japan to death by a fellow countryman, began on Monday in Tokyo. But the media trial started much earlier on social networks, where millions of users have already issued their verdict. The surprising thing is that it does not focus on the alleged culprit of the murder of the girl, but on the behavior of the victim’s friend, present at the event.

The event was carried out by two students who lived together (Jiang Ge, the victim, and her friend Liu Xin) and the latter’s ex-boyfriend, Chen Shifeng, accused of the crime. On the night of November 2, Jiang was stabbed to dozen times by Chen on the landing of his apartment. Jiang had made a hole in her house to her friend two months earlier, when Liu ended the relationship with her boyfriend. Chen and Liu had had several encounters and she had received threatening e-mails from her ex-partner.

When they arrived home that night, the two friends met Chen on the landing. And here comes the polemic that has ignited social networks in China: Liu took refuge in the apartment while her friend tried to deal with Chen. It is not clear yet when the man stabbed Jiang, but Liu remained inside the room until the police arrived while his friend was dying in the doorway.

Many netizens accused Liu of not having enough done to save his friend that night and condemned his attitude during the months after the tragedy. When the case began to transcend in the Chinese media, the mother of the deceased added fuel to the fire, assuring that her attempts to contact her daughter’s friend to collaborate with the investigation had been unsuccessful and accused of having closed the door of the apartment with latch. He also published the personal data of Liu and his family, who have been bombarded for months with thousands of messages from Internet users upset by his attitude.

“We all know perfectly well that the person who should have died is Liu Xin, not Jiang Ge,” “For those who defend Liu, I only wish you have friends like her” or “You can not be more cowardly, you will carry your whole life with the death of a person who just wanted to help you “are some of the comments that have been made on Weibo, a similar platform to Twitter. Surprisingly Chinese censors have not acted despite the fact that some messages include threats. Many ask that Liu be judged for her “indirect” responsibility in the death of her friend.


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