The man who has the mission to reverse the public image of Uber

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Uber has been involved in several controversies during this 2017, which led to the departure as CEO of its founder, Travis Kalanick. The image of the company had been tainted mainly by complaints of sexual harassment towards employees by clients. In addition, a video of Kalanick was discussed with an employee of the company. In short, the environment was toxic and the best solution was to leave the ship in the month of June.

After two months with the vacant post, the arrival of Dara Khorowshahi, ex-director general of Expedia, whose objective in his presentation was to improve the image of the brand and return the trust to the users and employees, very damaged after the stage of Kalanick. In addition, it intends for the multinational to enter the stock market in a period of 18 to 36 months.

Khosrowshahi arrived in the USA as a refugee with his family when he was 9 years old, since in his country, Iran, he was on the eve of exploiting the Iranian revolution. Over the years, and after arriving at Expedia as responsible in 2005, he has become one of the most important and highest paid managers in the country. His arrival in Uber was blessed even by his predecessor, who said he could not be “happier for him.” Likewise, the company said that “we are really fortunate to obtain a leader with the experience, talent and vision of Dara”. And since its presentation, it has been put to work to reverse the image of the company.

Thus, he urged the workers to send him their ideas in order to publish new values ​​to follow in the company. “I think the culture of a company must be written from the bottom up,” explained Khosrowshahi. Among the new rules, which were published by Khosrowshahi in his Linkedin account, highlights “We do the right ones. And point »with which shows that employees must leave behind their rude previous behavior. “Our values ​​define who we are and how we work,” he clarified.

Other of the company’s new rules are “We build globally, we live locally” -where we are urged to be connected to cities, drivers, customers where they establish their service-, “We are obsessed with customers” – stating that they must offer all the comforts to the users solving their problems in order to get a better confidence- among others.

Softbank is here to stay

On the other hand, yesterday it was learned that Uber has accepted a multi-million dollar investment by the Japanese technology company Softbank. This movement has been welcomed with great pleasure in Uber, since this agreement could improve its investments in technology and innovation. The figures of the agreement, although not materialized, are dizzying: SoftBank, together with other investors, would invest 1,000 million dollars in Uber. But everything does not stay there. The intention of the Japanese group is to acquire 14% of the company. For this purpose, it will buy shares of the company from current investors for a total of 9,000 million dollars (the total value of Uber is calculated at around 70,000 million).

The agreement also pursues another purpose: to improve the governance of the company. Thus, Kalinick, who despite having left the position of general manager continued to have a great influence on the council, would see limited command capabilities. To this end, a Kalinick agreement has also been reached with the venture capital firm Benchmark, one of the top shareholders and the one that forced Kalinick’s departure as CEO, to withdraw his demands to the former “boss” to remove him. of Council.

In a statement, Uber explained that “this agreement is a strong vote of confidence in the long-term potential of Uber. It will boost our technology investments and our continued expansion at home and abroad, while strengthening our corporate governance. “

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