The medicine of the future: from artificial intelligence to virtual reality

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The medicine of the future will be personalized and, therefore, more precise, will rely on artificial intelligence and the analysis of data shared in the cloud and will use advanced technology both in the study of the medical problem and in the treatment. Artificial vision systems, brain-computer interfaces, 3D printers, virtual reality become key tools for an advanced medicine that also goes beyond its traditional scope of consultations and hospitals to enter our private environment. And also with the objective not only to ensure the welfare of patients, but to monitor the health of healthy people.

The recent celebration in Bilbao of the Tech week forum has allowed us to know solutions that are already being developed and used in this emerging market of health. Throughout this program we know the work of the following professionals and companies:

Jon Mabe, Head of Sensing Devices at IK4-TEKNIKER

Fernando Macho, co-founder of the company Medwhat, who has developed a virtual medical assistant

David Rodríguez Velasco, director of production of Osteophoenix, a biotechnology company specializing in the development of systems and procedures for the regeneration of organs and tissues.

Marie Macharackova, responsible for the development of the company Irisbond, designer of devices based on eye tracking

Julio Alvarez, director of the health unit at Virtualware, a company specializing in virtual reality developments.

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