The poster of the film ‘Faith of ETA members’ creates controversy in social networks

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The announcement that Netflix has placed in San Sebastian to promote the film ‘Fe de etarras’, the new comedy by Borja Cobeaga, has caused controversy in social networks, where some people have asked to boycott the film.

The message “Yo soooy españolaoool, españoool, españoooool” appears on the poster. The last words are crossed out with a red line, just above the title of the film and the release date, next October 12.

The film, starring Javier Cámara, Julián López, Gorka Otxoa, Ramón Barea, Miren Ibarguren and Tina Sáinz, can be seen at the Velodrome during the 65th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival, which starts on Friday, September 22.

The president of Voices against Terrorism, José Alcaraz Martos, criticized this announcement on his Twitter profile: “Surely if ETA had murdered families of Netflix executives would not produce a parody of their murderers.

Also, the president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT), Alfonso Sanchez, has indicated that it is a “sensitive issue” and believes that “there are many things to make jokes before ETA.”

“We do not think it’s a frivolous issue, because there are still many open wounds and a lot of broken families.” The announcement seems to us in very bad taste, and they have also placed it in a place where, 300 meters away, ETA killed 5 people. lamented

Cobeaga, “missed”

For his part, the director of the film, Borja Cobeaga, has defended that he is “strange” the commotion that the announcement has caused because “the film has not been released and nobody has seen it”, and assures that the trailer does not contain “nothing” that can hurt sensibilities.

“I only see two important differences between ‘Vaya semanita’ and ‘Fe de Etarras’: that in 2003 ETA was still active and that there was no Twitter,” he said in the social network. In this sense, the director has indicated that at that time this program did not cause controversy or the victims were offended, but praised for having helped to “remove iron to a terrible situation” lived by citizens. Now, he will present the film version of that formula in San Sebastian, as he has indicated.

Humor, “weapon against fanaticism”

“‘Vaya semanita’ has done more for the end of violence than all the protests and calls for a boycott now, we are throwing stones at the wrong roof,” said Cobeaga, who defends humor as an “intelligent weapon against fanaticism and violence”.

“One of the great victories that can be on terrorism is to reduce it to a joke,” said Cobeaga, who argues that humor is not synonymous with “trivializing”, but a “courageous, mature and intelligent” action. In this line, highlights the “wonderful” moment when many Twitter users laughed at the jihadist Abdullah Ahram Pérez, known as “son of the Tomasa”, author of the first threat of the Islamic State in Castilian.

Cobeaga (San Sebastián, 1977), co-chronicler of the hit ‘Ocho apellidos vascos’ and director of ‘Negociador’, the latter inspired by the negotiations between the Spanish government and ETA, encourages the public to watch the film to give an opinion on the film . “I’m calm because I’m sure it does not offend,” he stressed.

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