The Samsung Galaxy A could have Infinity Display in 2018

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The Infinity Display has been one of the trends of the year in the high-end phones launched by Samsung. Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and its Plus model) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 include the Infinity Display, without borders, of the brand. It seems that soon other phones will include this feature and the Samsung Galaxy A could have Infinity Display very soon, starting next year, in 2018.


So far, only the Samsung high-end phones presented this year include the aforementioned Infinity Display: the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 8 feature this feature. A huge screen practically without edges and curved on both sides that has popularized the Korean manufacturer in recent months, which highlights its mobile phones and that, until now, it was limited to its flagships. But soon it will cease to be exclusive.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinity Display

Samsung Galaxy A with Infinity Display

According to recent information, at least one phone in the Galaxy A range of 2018 will include an Infinity Display like the ones with the most expensive Samsung phones. The Galaxy A range of Samsung is located in the mid range of the brand’s catalog and this news would mean that the manufacturer would take premium components to cheaper ranges allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of having an Infinity Display.

A phone in the Galaxy A range may arrive with Infinity Display, but it is more likely that it does not boast of all its features. Already with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active the brand eliminated the curved edges, for example.

Now, it is possible that the screen is launched although with a lower resolution since mid-range phones usually do not have anything beyond Full HD. A similar strategy LG has made this year with the launch of its flagship LG G6 and the LG Q6. The LG Q6 mid-range had the same aspect ratio as the high-end mobile but with a much lower price and features that do not correspond to the high-end.

We will have to wait to see Samsung’s plans and which mobile phone has this feature. It may be the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy A7 or a new Samsung Galaxy A9 that Samsung has jumped this year in the generation of 2017 of the range.

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