The Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 of 2018 will be called Galaxy A8 and A8 +

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Samsung has made a great evolution in the mid-range in recent years, and is that last year, with the Samsung Galaxy A5 of 2017 managed to be the best of the mid-range, and next year, could change their name and call you Galaxy A8 and A8 +.

We have already seen quite a lot of rumors about Samsung’s new mid-range phones, but it seems that Samsung is going to rise to the “cheap” high range next year. With the Note 8 has risen to the barrier of one thousand euros, and may its most expensive middle range is close to 400 euros, so it seems that Samsung will fill that gap.

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A few months ago we saw that some rumors suggested that these mid-range terminals, exactly the A range, would go up to more than 500 euros, because it would mount a much more premium design, better camera and better features, and it seems that this change It will also be linked to a name change.

The new mid-range Samsung will be the Galaxy A8 and A8 +

Every year that we see Samsung brings three devices from the A range to the market, and one of them is the A7. This terminal does not normally arrive in Spain, and if it arrives, it is limited. It seems that this year Samsung will repeat the play, but with other names.

Samsung Galaxy A8

It seems that a leak about the Bluetooth certification of the new Samsung phones let us see that, this year’s model that would be the Galaxy A5, would have the name Galaxy A8, and Galaxy A7 last year, would be the Galaxy A8 +. This would be due to the great change that there would be between one generation and another.

We do not really know what will happen to the low / medium range, exactly the Galaxy A3. We have no evidence of its existence but it would not be surprising that Samsung left it aside to give more importance to its J range that is gradually rising in price and directly competes with the cheapest of the range A.

We hope to see in the new Galaxy A an infinite screen, with a design quite similar to the Galaxy S8, with a fingerprint sensor on the back but well located, and without a double camera, which is quite strange since it seemed that it was going to be the Samsung trend.

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