The technological tool ‘Blockchain’, to debate in the Bilbao Tech Week

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‘Blockchain’ has captured the attention of thousands of programmers and experts around the world. Since its first application for the development of bitcoin cryptocurrency, the uses of blockchain have multiplied exponentially.

The interest in all that this technology has to offer has been demonstrated in the second edition of the Bilbao Tech Week, which has had “great participation and interaction among the attendees”, according to the organizers in a note.

Bilbao Tech Week has dedicated an entire day to the ‘blockchain’. Iván González Vilaboa, co-founder of Plain Concepts, explained that “these are transactions that are grouped in blocks and those blocks are linked and linked” thanks to a reference called ‘hash’.

After exposing these basic principles, has revealed different types of tools or ‘software’ that we can use to generate our ‘blockchain’ platforms such as GETH.

Jesús Cao, co-founder and director of Flow, has influenced how a sector such as ‘retail’, or sale through physical stores or ‘online’, is taking advantage of and can take advantage of ‘blockchain’ technology.

Oscar Lage, responsible for Cybersecurity of Tecnalia, has focused his talk on how the ‘blockchain’ is being used in areas such as Advanced Manufacturing, Energy or Health.

Arantza Marqués García, IBM GBS Blockchain Practice Leader, has emphasized the importance of the ‘blockchain’ as an element that gives confidence to users.
Bilbao Tech Week has created a round table focused on cryptocurrencies. On November 8 the bitcoin is changed to 7,340 dollars per unit. If we had invested 5 dollars in the purchase of 2,000 bitcoins in 2010, today we would have about 14.6 million dollars. In the origins of this cryptocurrency, someone came to pay 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza. Today that amount would be more than 73 million dollars.

For its part, Ruth Sala, a lawyer specializing in computer crimes, has shown that cybercriminals have adopted the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment system “in view of the difficulty of being able to trace any operation that is carried out with them”.

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