Trump blames the violence in the US to the videogames

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In full “hangover” after the shooting at a Florida institute, Donald Trump, president of the United States, has decided to take action on the issue of violence in his country. But not prohibiting weapons, as advised by the survivors of the Parkland massacre, but attacking videogames, responsible for “glorifying” this type of practices, according to the leader.

For this reason, Trump met Thursday with industry leaders to express their concern about the issue. Although they have not transcended the conclusions of the talk, Trump has already advanced his intention to promote a system that classifies video games and movies by their degree of violence. «I see things that would impress them. I have a very young son, and I look at some of the things he sees and I say, how is that possible? “The president said in a meeting with legislators, in reference to Barron, his 11-year-old son.

The meeting, which began on the wrong foot after being announced publicly a week before the meeting without the responsible for the sector had previous record, had a video compilation in which were images of murders, blood and executions of titles such as “Call of Duty »,« Fallout »,« Wolfenstein »or« The Evil Within », as reported by The Verge.

On behalf of the White House it has been reported that the findings will be reported during this week, although sources from GamesIndustry quoted Vicky Hartzler, a lawmaker from Missouri, to ensure that the meeting was beneficial because both sides expressed their concerns and offered proposals, although Hartzler warns that the debate should not be limited only to video games.

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