Twitter cuts the tweet-decking techniques

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Twitter has canceled several profiles of great popularity, after having verified that they used a strategy used to force their impact based on the purchase of massive “retweets”, which is considered “spam” according to the rules of the social network. When tweeting, the tap closes.

The social network of micromessages thus follows its road map in order to “clean up” the service and veto the duplicate content and the use of certain practices such as using “bots” to spread messages in person. A scenario that has led, in addition, to clean up the profiles of extremist groups linked to the extreme right or “alt-right” movement in the United States.

In the last week, the US multinational has eliminated a dozen profiles – some with thousands of followers – that tried to spread incantaria soflamas and extremist messages through sharing among them. Thus, users like @GirlPosts, @commonwhitegiri, @Dory, @memeprovider, @SoDamnTrue, @reiatabie or @teenagernotes have disappeared, according to specialized media.

These users, moreover, have become known not only for their stream of comments but also for echoing messages, hoaxes, memes and jokes issued by other users, thus taking away the merit from the creators. With this, they managed to obtain an amazing virality.

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