Twitter works on a new verification system, and begins to debunk those who “promote hatred”

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Twitter has just announced that they are working on a new verification system, so they are going to start making changes as to which accounts give them the verified badge. In fact, next to the announcement they have begun to take the first steps, removing the verification to those who do not comply with the new regulations that they want to implement in the system.

In principle, the first step of Twitter is eliminating verification in accounts that incite hatred. In their new terms of verification they already warn that they can “remove the verification badge and the verification status of a Twitter account at any time”, and have announced that until they define the new system they will stop the approval of new accounts verified.

In the English version of its terms and conditions the social network has already clarified which are the criteria that will follow at the beginning when it comes to eliminating the verified status of the accounts. For example, people who try to trick users by changing the name or biography will be affected, which could be a measure against fake accounts or posing as other people.

The verification badge will also be eliminated to those who, as they have said, promote hatred or violence, to those who threaten or directly attack other people based on their ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or disease. In fact, even also to those who encourage others to behave in this way.

“The verification was intended to authenticate the identity and voice, but is interpreted as a support or an indicator of importance,” they have said from Twitter in one of their tweets. “We recognize that we have created this confusion and we need to resolve it, we have paused all the general checks as we work and will report soon.”

In essence, what they are saying is that they are aware that if they verify a person many can interpret that Twitter supports their speech, and that can be a problem when you check celebrities who promote hatred. Therefore, in the social network seem to have decided to heal in health and redefine the rules of those who want to be verified.

The first complaints have not been made wait


As expected, these measures have irritated those who have lost their status verified by them, and some supremacists already talk that Twitter has changed the rules exclusively to censor his speech. There are also those who complain that, with this movement, Twitter moves too far from the mission to start confirming identities with the system identified.

It will be very interesting to see how Twitter redefines its new verification system, and especially if they are consistent with it and dare to apply it to everyone. It is very easy to remove the verification to a user moderately known only by the social network, but another very different thing is to take it off for the same reasons to a top-level personality … or a government president who incites hatred by giving an example .

In any case, before drawing conclusions we will have to wait for Twitter to announce its new and redesigned verification system, and above all, which are the new rules on which it will be based when it comes to modifying accounts. We will see if it is only a slight modification of what we had until now or if they are willing to change everything completely.

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