Videogames: PC classics, now in virtual reality

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Titles like Fallout 4, Doom, Half-Life 2 and Resident Evil 7 are reissued and reach the new immersive world of 360 degrees.

The experimental stage of virtual reality (VR) came to an end and large studios and some indie labels began to edit the classic titles of their select catalog. But far from a remastering that improves quality and adds aesthetic make-up, the idea is to enjoy the games from a totally new 360 degree immersive perspective. Many compare this possibility that opens with the break that meant the multiplayer mode or fight on a 50-inch HD screen.

To persuade those who still hesitate, Fallout 4 VR, DOOM VFR, LA Noire: The VR Case Files are released this month, adding to existing ones like Half-Life 2: VR, Batman Arkham VR and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard . The available platforms: in PC the games are in the Steam site and you have to have the HTC Vive lens or the Oculus Rift. In consoles, you can play with the PlayStation VR (PSVR).

In the spring of the RV, original controls begin to flourish to control the games. Thus, the Oculus Touch is a movement control system composed of two rings or the Valve Knuckles recognize the fingers of the player. On the other hand, the prototype of the Haptic Skin, uses a tissue to let feel through the skin all the tactile sensations of the virtual environment.

Videojuegos: los clásicos de PC, ahora en realidad virtual

One of the disadvantages that the manufacturers had to solve was the dizziness caused by the displacement inside the screen. One of the best consensual options was teleportation, which consists of pointing a point with a command and pressing a button, a temporary jump occurs and the player appears magically in that place.

At the top of the most anticipated releases of this month is Fallout 4, the role adventure of Bethesda, set in a post-apocalyptic world that resumes with an ambitious adaptation of the Bostonian wilderness. According to its manufacturer, the game is intact, with all its contents and details. Only the combats, the crafting and construction system were modified, so that the action is more fluid in this format.

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About to see the light, DOOM VFR is an iconic title that dates back to 1993, designed for the MS-DOS operating system. Instead of embodying the famous marine kills monsters of this saga, the main character is a cybernetic human brought back to life by an artificial brain. Of course, it is set in the Martian base and the motivation will be to exterminate the legion of demons that invaded the planetary installation.

Videojuegos: los clásicos de PC, ahora en realidad virtual

The quota of astonishment comes with LA Noire: The VR Case Files that will feature seven cases selected from the original game of 2011, reconstructed by Rockstar Games for an RV environment. With a setting of black police in which plots and conspiracies inspired by real cases that happened in Los Angeles in 1947, one of the most violent and corrupt times in the history of the city. The detective Cole Phelps will have to deal with brutal crimes, heartless pimps and police with double standards.

Of the promises for 2018, the most anticipated is Skyrim VR that brings back the magical universe of The Elder Scrolls V. The story focuses on Dovahkiin’s efforts to defeat Alduin, a dragon that, according to the mythology of the game, will destroy to the world. The plot is dated 200 years after the events of Oblivion and in the province of Skyrim.

Another that expects a final release is Payday 2, the beta version of the VR that was launched in September works as an update that is mounted free of charge on the original. The slogan of this collaborative game is to recreate epic robberies in banks, jewelers and shopping centers. The attractive thing is that you can play with those people who do not have an RV helmet.

Videojuegos: los clásicos de PC, ahora en realidad virtual

Through Steam Direct (formerly Greenlit), Valve’s initiative that supports indie game developers made it possible for the Half-Life 2 mod to be recreated in RV. This 13-year-old classic, starring scientist Gordon Freeman, is considered one of the five best games in history. It is now available in VR as a project that gives it compatibility with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

It has been almost a year since Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope advanced some levels on Steam. For a few months now you can enjoy the final version of Croteam, which introduces the player in the First Mental War, a time when the terrestrial defenses crumble before the enemy hordes. A brave general, Sam Stone, leads the resistance of space cruiser BC Saratoga, in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy.

Videojuegos: los clásicos de PC, ahora en realidad virtual

At the recent Golden Joystick Awards, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was awarded the best RV game in the survival horror category. This exclusive title of PS4, proposes an oppressive environment, where you have to stay safe from the Baker family while shaking boxes to find ammunition, healing herbs and turns to find keys that reveal riddles.

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One of the most successful games in VR is Batman Arkham, which for a time was exclusive to PSVR. This little adventure with a duration of 2 hours, with detective features, will have to alternate, depending on the occasion, between the personality of Bruce Wayne or the avenged avenger.

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