Xiaomi Mi A1, analysis and opinion

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My A1: how to stand out in a mid-range market
If we had to choose a mobile as one of the most complete of this year in a price range of around 200 euros we affirm that Xiaomi Mi A1 has many ballots to be: finishes, autonomy, specifications and a dual rear camera with portrait mode that offers very good results.

This mobile has many of the features that are sought when it comes to locating which smartphone to buy. Xiaomi arrived in Spain with him a few months ago and since then there is a break in stock, of course it lets glimpse the popularity of it. In addition, the company has also launched a model with 32 GB of internal memory at an unbeatable price of 199 euros.

The prices of launch of the terminal importing it from China were low by itself and the official arrival to Spain has not brought with it a great extra cost remaining in a range of prices very interesting for all that the Mi A1 offers. In our case we are going to analyze the model of 64 GB of internal memory, 229 euros, in white / gold that we bought the day of the opening of the official store in Madrid.

If you still do not know what mobile phone we are talking about, we’ll give you the background: Xiaomi launched a mobile phone with Android One with a 5.5-inch FHD screen, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory with a Snapdragon 625 chip. is part of its appeal, as we have metallic finish and fingerprint reader on the back and glass Gorilla Glass 2.5D in the front covering the 5.5-inch FullHD screen.

In addition, Xiaomi has managed to transfer much of the experience of the Mi 6 camera to this mobile with a dual rear camera configuration with 2X zoom and a very capable portrait mode as we will see in the section of the camera.

Now, is all that glitters gold? Is this smartphone worth more than its interesting list of specifications? We have been using it for two weeks and we tell you about our experience in this analysis.

Traditional mobile 16: 9 with premium finish
The Xiaomi Mi A1 takes the design of the Xiaomi Mi 5X. It is a smartphone with a very ergonomic finish, a rounded body, not only the corners, but also the sides making it very comfortable to hold in your hand.

The model we analyze has a white front covered by Gorilla Glass 3 glass. It is not terminal that stands out because of the percentage of frontal that covers the screen since we have, on the one hand, a 16: 9 format screen and, on the other, Notable frames in both the top and bottom.

In this case the lower part houses Android capacitive buttons to control the smartphone unlike many other mobile phones on the market, which saves space on the screen when using the mobile phone.

This terminal is not small, measures 155.4 x 75.8 x 7.3 mm but what we can say is that for the size it feels very light when you use it. It weighs 165 grams.

If we talk about the back side, the Android One logo is noted at the bottom. It makes clear reference to the software running the terminal, a very light version of Android 7.1.2 and stock launcher. The user experience it provides is traced to the one offered by Google Pixel.

Undoubtedly another of the elements to take into account this aluminum back (golden color in our case) is the fingerprint reader. It has a circular shape and in our experience it worked very well since you only have to put your finger to unlock the screen automatically. It’s very fast and has not failed on virtually any occasion. As an extra at this point, you can configure it to display the notifications by sliding your finger up and down.

And to finish, we record the rear camera, or rather, cameras. It is a dual camera, with 2x zoom, and offers very good results in this price range. The most advanced users will want to know if it is the same configuration as the Xiaomi Mi 6, and the reality is that it is not the same configuration as the Xiaomi Mi 5X. As you can see, the double camera pack protrudes from the back as it happens in other terminals on the market such as iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus or Moto G5S

As you can see in the photo, both in the upper and lower part we have some visible antenna lines that in other colors are more disguised. It is not something that bothers or hinders the day to day, but, there they are.

Within this section of design we have to comment that Xiaomi has not discarded the minijack port, having it in the lower part next to the USB-C connector. This terminal has a curious and useful extra, infrared emitter at the top. This means that you can use the Mi A1 as a universal remote control and control your TV, air conditioning, etc.

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The magic of IPS in FullHD resolution

The Xiaomi terminal mounts a 5.5-inch screen with an IPS FullHD resolution panel with a slightly cool calibration without having any exaggerated oversaturation nuance. In mundane words: it is a screen with good viewing angles and it looks good in any situation.

If we talk about color calibration, it is good, but not the best on the market. It gives the sensation of having a small balance towards cold tones that you notice in white colors that tend to blue. It is not problematic at all and surely is not detectable for untrained eyes. As a negative point we have to comment that there is no option to customize that calibration natively.

The personalization of the screen comes with possibilities to vary the brightness, level of automatic brightness, the size of the source and the screen, and, from developer mode, choose a sRGB color mode that offers colors faithful to that format.

The Mi A1 has an automatic brightness control that works correctly by varying the brightness of the screen according to the amount of ambient light in real time. We emphasize the level of minimum brightness that it offers at night, being able to use the mobile phone without disturbing your sight or that of others.

What type of mobile screen is better?

The maximum brightness offered by the Xiaomi Mi A1 is good, it can be used on the street in full sunlight, but we can say that it is not the highest on the market, but it is on a par with other terminals in this range. the Moto G5S or the Aquaris V Plus.

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